some of the best restaurants in Mykonos are more affordable than you might think!

Mykonos comes with a higher price tag compared to other greek destinations, and mykononian restaurants are no exception. But! I firmly believe that a smaller budget can be paired with amazing greek food too! After all, we are the nation of delicious food in every shape, size and price so it would be sad for one destination to ruin the reputation!

A place as touristy and popular like Mykonos can really be transformed through its cuisine. If you try to look through the shiny cosmopolitan exterior, Mykonos can be just another little greek island with lots of traditions and cultural experiences on offer, and these restaurants are some of the best the island has to offer in that regard.

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The best lesser-known restaurant in Mykonos

A 15-minute drive away from the chora of Mykonos, you will find the beautiful little village of Ano Mera.

Oti apomeine (literally translating to "whatever is left") is a family run little taverna that will leave you wanting more. Don't be fooled by the humble and simple appearance of the outside. The menu of this little Mykonian restaurant is a mix of seasonal meze (greek tapas-style little dishes), seafood and meats.

In Ano Mera you will also find the monastery of Panagia Tourliani, just a few steps away from Oti apomeine. It was founded in 1542 and it's worth taking a little tour of the interior to admire the beautiful baroque architecture.

How to order in a Greek restaurant like a local

In Greece there is an unspoken rule about tavernas. You don't need a menu! That's right. Most times when I travel with other Greek-speaking company the waiters don't bring a menu at all, or if they do they first ask "do you need a menu?".

Instead of a menu most Greeks will ask something along the lines of "what did the fisherman catch today?". That's because most little tavernas work directly with local fishermen and butchers and get the freshest cuts or catches of the day regardless of what's on the menu. So if I have one tip about tavernas in Mykonos or anywhere in Greece is to strike a conversation with the waiters and ask for what they recommend.

Obviously, that is not the route you want to take in higher-end restaurants in Mykonos, but it will serve you well (see what I did there) in little tavernas and family owned restaurants.

The best restaurant for lunch in Mykonos

view from kiki's taverna one of the best restaurants in mykonos
The view from Kiki's taverna

Chances are you have heard of Kiki's taverna. Nestled in a vine-covered courtyard on the little path that leads to the beach of Agios Sostis, this is one of the most memorable meals in Mykonos.

Although this little mykonian lunch spot has no website or phone number, it is very sought-after, so make sure to check-in the table availability situation and head down to the beach if the wait time is too long. A little world of caution - there are no loud beach bars or umbrellas and amenities in Agios Sostis, so prepare adequately for the sun!

The highlight of the menu was by far the delicious and incredibly diverse selection of salads; and yes I did say salad! The best way to enjoy lunch at Kiki's is with friends, wine, and ordering lots of little meze to share.

Restaurant in Mykonos I keep going back to

In front of Nikolas taverna - the beach of Agia Anna

If you are still wondering where to eat in Mykonos, Nikolas's taverna is where you should head next. Recommended by many, this restaurant is going to be a staple to every one of my Mykonian adventures.

Right on the beach of Agia Anna, be prepared for authentic greek food, and dining with your feet in the sand. I don't know about you, but that's my idea of amazing dining! The staff were incredibly helpful and friendly, which unfortunately... is not the norm in Mykonos.

Nikolas' has all the greek classic dishes we know and love, albeit with a twist of Mykonian spices and recipes that I hadn't tasted before. These recipes have been tried and tested by three generations! It's hard to pick a favorite when literally everything tastes so good, but if I absolutely had to pick the seafood dishes would take first place.

A few hunderd meters away, you will find the famous Scorpios, so pair a visit to Nicola's with a world famous party scene at sunset.

Final Thoughts

Unlike most spots around Mykonos these restaurants have a very relaxed, down-to-earth character, which I adore. Let me know if you want more insider info on how to get the best in greek restaurants and tavernas here, would love to hear from you

Enjoy the adventure!

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