Some of the most honeymoon worthy destinations in the world are found in Greece. There I said it! These are some romantic destinations in Greece that you might want to consider exploring with your significant other.

I vehemently believe that romance can flourish in the most unconditional of circumstances. But... if you are looking for destinations in Greece that seems to be taken out of a movie, this list is for you.

Some will surprise you, some will not...

1. Santorini - the classical romantic

Santorini magical sunset

Let's be honest, there is no other way to start this list. Yes, I could include some other destination in Greece you didn't know of, but I am certain, the moment you read 'romantic destinations in Greece" a sight of you and your significant other holding hands overlooking the caldera at sunset jumped in your head.

When I first visited Santorini a few years ago I was very hesitant. As a lover of remote destinations, I had my reservations, the most famous greek destination in the busiest time of the year (it was July), surely, the view would be amazing but what about the hype-factor?

I was so wrong!

The moment I stepped into the little town Oia and looked out at the million shades of gold and purple my jaw-dropped so hard. And it wasn't just the view, it's the feeling, it's the vibe, it's everything about that place that makes you feel an overwhelming sense of happiness. The food tasted better, the people looked happier, and walking around although busy at the more central and public places, it felt so calm and beautiful.

So yes... in case you were still hesitant, Santorini is the ultimate romantic vacation in Greece.

2. Nafplio - the unconditional romantic

Let's give the greek islands a break and head back to the mainland! Although, you will still get the Agean sea views.

Nafplio has an old-school magic about it. It was the first capital of Greece, hence if you or your significant other want to dive into some history, there is plenty around. Here you will find not one, not two, but three beautiful castles to explore.

So what makes it romantic?

There is something special about the bougainvillea lines streets, the quiet corners, the old bookstores. Or maybe is the views from the top of the main castle.

Needless to say, unlike Santorini, Nafplio is perfect for a romantic on-a-budget vacation.

3. Milos - the adventure-loving romantic

the moonlike beaches of Milos in greece
Photo by Despina Galani on Unsplash

A short ferry ride ride away from the main port of Pireaus, you will find the little island of Milos. It's most popular attraction, Sarakiniko beach, will remind you a moonlike landscape. Small enough to hire a scooter and get easily around, Milos is an amazing destination for couples that want to explore less touristy spots and still feel the Cycladic vibes.

Milos will give you that idyllic greek island feeling, without the hustle of it's more known neighbor Mykonos.

If you ideal romantic vacation in Greece includes visiting remote beaches, and dipping your toes in the sand while dining... Milos is your spot.

4. Lemnos - the alternative romantic

Heading to the north of the Aegean you will find the island of Lemnos. If your honeymoon or romantic escape plans include local experiences, amazing food and off-the beaten path adventures Lemnos is a hidden gem.

One my most favourite cheeses - and yes there is a very high standard to that description, is produced right here. It’s called “kalathaki”, or basket cheese, it will remind you of feta but with a bit of a kick!

The eastern part of Lemnos is known as an adventure paradise, as you can find spots to do all kinds of surfing! Lemnos is mostly a domestic destination, so you will not meet the crowds and tourists traps that you might find in the Cyclades.

Much larger than the greek islands of the south, Lemnos has something for everyone. Isolated beaches, hiking trails, windsurfing spots, castles... you name it. I guess we keep the best to ourselves.

Lemnos is for the couple that want to experience romance off-the-beaten track!

5. Arachova - the winter romantic

Greece enjoys 250 days of sunshine every year. So if you are planning for a winter romantic-getaway, do not fear, good weather and the outdoors can still be part of the equation.

Some call Arachova the Mykonos of the winter, and they are not wrong.

Only two hours away from Athens, this picturesque little town is edged on the side of Parnasus mountain. For snow lovers, you can book your ski-passes and head for an adventure on piste. And for non-snow lovers... just mittens so you can enjoy some hot chocolate at the chalet.

In the area, you will find wonderful little stonebuilt villages with delicious local treats, and one of the most significant archaelogical sites in all of Greece. Delphi.

Overall, Arachova has a vibrant scene by night, and lots of picture-perfect corners to explore as a couple.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning a romantic getaway  with your significant other to Greece let me know which destinations you are considering to discover here!

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