If you are looking for a few bucket list ideas to go into your Greece travel inspiration list, you are in the right place.

With thousands of islands, customs, cuisines and ancient sights to discover, Greece is a destination that can truly be explored forever.

Or at least... I am planning to explore forever!
Take it from someone that not only is from Greece, but also has lived and travelled there already extensively.

To make things a little easier I have divided everything into different categories to appeal to different types of travellers.

Greece Bucket list categories:

  1. Popular
  2. Remote
  3. Islands
  4. Ancient Sights

A. Popular

  • Watch a sunset in Santorini over the Aegean Sea
  • Party in Mykonos
  • Sail the Saronic gulf islands for a week
  • Visit the Acropolis and the Parthenon
  • Skyjump in Zakynthos over the shipwreck beach (one of the best beaches in Europe)
  • Visit the chapel where Mamma mia was filmed in Skopelos
  • Visit the monasteries of Meteora
  • Sunbathe on the white cliffs of Sarakiniko beach in Milos

B. Remote & off-the-beaten path

  • Hike to the dragon lakes of Epirus
  • Hike Mt. Olympus
  • Visit the remore island of Kastelorizo
  • Attend a traditional panigiri (summer festival) in Ikaria
  • Harvest olives and watch olive oil being made in Crete
  • Visit the Island of Samothraki and chase waterfalls
  • Spend Easter in Syros and Patmos islands
  • Visit Kythira island
  • Explore Kastria Caves
  • Visit Mt. Athos and the monasteries (unfortunately these monasteries are only open to men, but I would like to take the ferry around as an alternative)
  • Hike the Pindus trail and visit the Arktouros bear sanctuary
  • Hike at the top Monemvasia Castle
  • Visit the little island of Gavdos - the southernmost part of europe
  • Explore the villages of Pelion mountain

C. Ancient Greek Sights

  • Visit the Macedonian graves in Veroia
  • Watch the flame ceremony in ancient Olympia
  • Paraglide over the ancient site of Delphi
  • Watch an ancient play in the ancient theater of Epidaurus
  • Visit the first capital of Greece, Nafplio and explore its castles
  • Visit the Acropolis of Rhodes
  • Visit the ancient kingdom of Knossos in Heraklion Crete
  • Visit every ancient museum in Athens (there are approximately 77 museums!)
  • Visit the island of Delos near Mykonos
  • Visit the castle of Mystras in the Peloponnese
  • Explore Mycenae and learn about the Trojan wars
  • Visit the temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion

D. Islands

  • Visit the little islands of Leipsi
  • Visit Antipaxoi
  • Visit the award winning beaches of Lefkada
  • Travel through time in Fiscardo in the island of Kefalonia
  • Swim at the pink-sand beach of Elafonisi in Crete
  • Take a tour of the historical Spinaloga
  • Visit Chios for the mastiha harvest
  • Reconnect with modern greek history in Aigina and Hydra
  • Have a sailing trip around the Cyclades

Final Thoughts!

How many of these bucket list ideas are you planning on for your next trip to Greece?

For more amazing travel bucket list ideas to Greece, don't forget to say hi on social! 

I will update this list as I find more and more things to discover in Greece, I have a feeling this list will be never-ending! 

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